Laura Greiner, MAc, LAc

My journey into acupuncture and more “alternative” ways of supporting myself began way back in 1997. As a lifelong asthmatic, I was at my lowest in terms of my health while at college in Baltimore. I was on a cocktail of inhalers and steroids, super depressed, and miserable. Through what I feel were a series of divine interventions, (See below to read my entire acupuncture story) I found acupuncture, specifically Five Element Acupuncture, and my life was forever changed. Fast forward and I am now in my 14th year working as a licensed acupuncturist here in Georgia (as of 2022).

In Chinese medicine there is a saying, “Treat the roots, not the branches.” This is a key notion in the Five Element Tradition, which is rooted in the observance of nature and how our bodies are merely reflections of the earth itself. I have found my niche is working on the deep emotional and spiritual components of illness and pain, rather than focusing on the physical symptoms. I am not one to use quick fix protocols and tools. I believe we each possess the deep innate wisdom to heal-I am merely a helper.

I am also passionate about maternal mental health, particularly, postpartum. I have completed training through Postpartum Support International and have found acupuncture to be incredible supportive during this transition. Pre-mobile babies are always welcome, and you can hold your baby while receiving treatment.

In 2014, I was propelled into the world of ancient Daoist stone medicine and began my studies with Sarah Thomas of The Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine and Jeffrey Yuen, an 88th generation Daoist priest in the Jade Purity Lineage.

My sessions have evolved into an alchemical blend combining acupuncture with stones, reiki, and even sound healing.

My Acupuncture Story

Picture it (must use Sophia Petrillo’s voice): Atlanta, winter, 1996. I was getting ready for a ski trip and I wanted a new book to read. I stopped by Barnes & Noble to check out the bargain bin and found one on sale that had a pretty cover (sometimes you can judge a book this way), called In the House of the Moon: Reclaiming the Feminine Spirit of Healing by Jason Elias.

Now, I was not at all into natural healing or that divine feminine stuff but it looked interesting so I got it. I did not ski on this trip because back then my asthma was a mess and cold air and movement was not a good combo for me. So I sat inside most of the time. Anyway, I read this new book pretty quickly and was really drawn to what it said. The author talked about healing but also about this crazy thing called acupuncture. There were some case studies and one was of a woman that sounded so much like me-suffering from asthma and allergies. I decided that when I returned to college after winter break I would explore this idea. After all, I didn’t have much to lose-at this point as I was pretty miserable and taking a lot of medication.

When I got back to school I looked up acupuncture in the Yellow Pages (an ancient directory in which you had to let your fingers do the walking) to find phone numbers and was amazed at the long list of practitioners. I did not know that Maryland had a few acupuncture schools. Since I did not have a car, I literally found the closest one to my dorm and left a message. A few days later my boyfriend, who did have a car, came to visit. Since I had not heard back from this office I asked him to drive me over there to try and make an appointment. It was a practice of four or five acupuncturists and I just wanted to see one. I was desperate.

Well, when I got there this very kind woman opened the door. She was the only one there and she offered to take a few minutes and chat with me. I blurted out all my problems and that I really wanted to try acupuncture but I was a poor college student and money was an issue and could she please help me! She smiled and told me not to worry about the money, that we would work it out, and scheduled me a session for the next week.

I had no idea there were different styles of acupuncture, so it was unbeknownst to me that she practiced a unique type called Five Element. I went in for my first session and she talked to me for a long time. Like really talked. She wanted to know about me, not just my symptoms. I remember her asking about my favorite colors and seasons. I really felt heard. I was there for what felt like a really long time. I left that session with a feeling of hope, some thing I had not felt for myself in a really long time.

I continued sessions with her for the next few months, feeling better everyday. She was the first person to teach me about the connections between food and health and even treated me in my dorm room after I returned from a scary ER visit to the hospital. By the end of the semester, my asthma had improved, my energy levels were increased, and my depression had lifted. It felt nothing short of a miracle.

I soon left that college and moved back to Georgia and then to North Carolina. I kept in touch with her and tried to keep up with regular acupuncture but it was tough. I saw many other acupuncturists over the following years but none really got me like she did. And although it always helped my physical issues, I felt like something was missing… the elements!

I never shook the feeling though, that perhaps I was supposed to study acupuncture. But you know life and following your dreams is not always easy.

Long story short, many years later I finally enrolled in acupuncture school. I knew I wanted to study the Five Element tradition and chose the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture in Florida, mainly because I did not have to move there until my third year…. because Florida. I graduated with a Masters in Acupuncture in 2008 and obtained my Georgia license and NCCAOM certification in October of 2008. After many years of solo and group practice, I founded The Seed to Star Collective in 2017.

- Dipl.Ac. (NCCAOM) since 2008
- Academy for Five Element Acupuncture
- Master of Acupuncture granted 2008
- GA License #230 active since 2008

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