Prophecy Stone

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This listing is for the one stone shown.  

Prophecy Stones are an incredibly unique limonite and hematite pseudomorph after marcasite (say that 5 times fast) 

Locality: Farafra, Egypt 

The man who discovered prophecy stones, which come from Egypt’s White Desert named them for this very reason, as he experienced “a prophetic vision“ while meditating with one.

Geologically, Prophecy stones are incredibly unique and fascinating. They began as marcasite, an iron sulfide (iron and sulfur) and chemically the same as pyrite; however it’s crystal structure is not. It forms in interesting crystal-like shapes. Over time, the stone is transformed and taken over to become goethite, an iron hydroxide. When a stone “takes over” another to chemically change it’s make up while also keeping the original shape, this is called a pseudomorph.

Take a moment to think about what that must feel like energetically. Something evolving and transforming into something completely new, but at the same time keeping the original structure. Like a human perhaps, transforming and alchemically changing into something completely different, but still keeping our human physical body. Wow.

Their heavy, nearly total iron content is incredibly grounding, yet the energy is simultaneously expansive. A stone that works to connect the above with the below and back. It is warming, invigorating, and in a sense “purges” what is not needed. Because transformation is harder when you are weighed down.