Cunyari Chrysocolla

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Geologically, chrysocolla is fascinating. It is a hydrated copper silicate, which basically means it contains water, copper, and silica. It is what many call a “secondary” stone, because it does not have a set mineral or crystal structure and grow on its own (like quartz, pyrite, etc).

Chrysocolla evolves from the oxidation and erosion of copper and other copper-rich stones like azurite and malachite, which is why these are often found in combination. And it is constantly changing, which is why chrysocolla can look so different depending on locality and what other minerals are present.

Energetically, chrysocolla is about deep change. Deep growth. Deeply sacred and deeply nourishing (bc of the copper). It is about moving through the dark times, feeling worn down by the elements, only to emerge changed in the most beautiful way. Finding your superpowers on the other side of trauma and hard times.

Reminding us that no matter how hard the world beats us down, we will rise up stronger and more vital than before. Changed in the most beautiful way.

I recently discovered this chrysocolla from a new mine in Peru. It is unlike any other I have experienced. It is so thin and delicate, yet the color is so freaking intense. These are high grade specimens with some truly unique and incredible formations.

Locality: Cunyari Mine, Huancavelica, Peru