Chrysanthemum Stone: Set of 2

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Chrysanthemum Stones, also called Flower Stones, are a geological rarity that once formed at the bottom of the sea some 250 million years ago in China and Japan. The base consists of a dark combination of limestone, dolomite, gypsum, or porphyry, and the “flowers” are a combination of calcite, celestite ,andalusite or feldspar. The specimens from China are primarily celestite. 

Celestite, a stone often associated with light celestial energy, infused its “heavenly qi” into the darks depths of the ancient sea. It is the ultimate meeting of heaven and earth-the celestial realms joining with the depths of the earth. As above so below. In a stone. 

Many chrysanthemum stones on the market today have been altered-the flowers accentuated with paint to appear more “perfect.” These stones are not altered in any way other than some polishing.

Locality: Hunan Province, China