The Reading Ritual Kit

The Reading Ritual Kit

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The Reading Ritual Kit

Reading cards is a practice. And it is sacred work. Creating a personal ritual can aid in a deepened connection to the earth, your heart, and the cards,

Including stones in your reading ritual can help strengthen your trust, open communication, and expand your intuition.

@leahtrox incorporates stones in her sacred practice of reading cards, and always includes:
*a grounding stone
*a heart opening stone
*a stone to open the throat chakra
*a stone to expand the crown chakra
*a clear quartz point

She has graciously suggested some of her favorites to include in this kit.

🪨Grounding: Black tourmaline (also aids in clearing unwanted energy)
**other suggestions: obsidian, hematite, shungite

💕Heart opening: Seraphinite (pure angelic love that illuminates and opens your heart; Leah’s TOP heart stone)
**other suggestions: rhodonite, rose quartz, rhodochrosite

🌑Throat Chakra: Blue Kyanite (acts as a bridge between the cards and your voice)
**other suggestions: lapis lazuli, sodalite

🔮Crown chakra: Amethyst (the clarity and purple color resonate to expand your higher consciousness)
**other suggestions: apophyllite

✨A Quartz point for clarity and amplification

This kit includes: a piece of Black Tourmaline, Seraphinite, Blue Kyanite, a Vera Cruz Amethyst point, an Arkansas quartz point, a candle, and the Pocket Wild Unknown Tarot Deck in a metal tin.

This gift set is great for anyone looking to deepen and expand their connection to reading cards.